Kendrick Lamar album pits rappers Shyne and Game against one another

By Luis Vargas,
Differing opinions over Lamar’s album causes division in the hip hop community

Last Tuesday rapper Kendrick Lamar released his album good kid, m.A.A.d. city, which has garnered several positive reviews. However, there is one rapper who was not impressed with the album.

According to Baller Status, New York rapper Shyne expressed his disappointment with the album on Twitter stating, "Listened to the Kendrick Lamar album during lunch and @OriginalShyne was right. TRASH!"

Several West Coast rappers including Nipsey Hussle and Schoolboy Q immediately jumped to Lamar’s defense on Twitter. Shyne's review especially did not sit well with Compton rapper Game as he replied, “B*tch, shut up!!!”

Later on, Game spoke to MTV News and explained that Shyne was a rapper that he really looked up to. However, he also expressed that he will not allow anyone talk trash about Kendrick Lamar. Game thinks Shyne should just let Kendrick Lamar “breathe,” or he might find himself in a confrontation with him.

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Shyne responded to Game’s comments on VLAD TV. Explaining his disappointment on how Game responded because of how close they are, at one point he refers to him as his “son.” He defends his critique on Lamar’s album and feels that Game owes him an apology.

Kendrick Lamar had a much less confrontational response than Game to Shyne’s critique. In an interview with VIBE, he basically shrugs off the ”trash” comment saying, “It’s his opinion. One opinion can't stop what the world thinks.”



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