Lady Gaga celebrates 'Bad Romance'

By April Chieffo,
In honor of 'Bad Romance' Lady Gaga brought back 'tub hair.'

Lady Gaga has had many hits since her debut single, "Just Dance,"  her style has even evolved from outrageous to even more outrageous.

 Friday, October 26 marked three years since the release of "Bad Romance." The song was the lead single off of The Fame Monster. Gaga,26, proud of where the single drove her career, decided to celebrate the song during a concert.

"Today is the anniversary of BAD ROMANCE :) were bringing back the "tub hair"n mexico, i've missed you so much. on stage in 40min!!!!!" she wrote on LittleMonsters.com

"Tub hair" obviously refers to the pink hair she rocked in the bathtub scenes in the video.

 She added that she couldn't help but be grateful for all the success she achieved since then.

"Can you believe its only been 3 years since bad romance, & there's 40,000 mexican monsters waiting for me to perform unite?" she tweeted. " I'm so grateful."

Lady Gaga is currently on tour for the Born This Way Ball. As her career continues to skyrocket she'll probably be equally grateful for "Born This Way" in three years, too.

"Although BORN THIS WAY was different from Bad Romance,  have never felt so so connected to my fans, watching how its changed your lives."

Photo credit: Lady Gaga, Facebook



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