Lauren Conrad reveals her biggest beauty blunder

By Mallory Hatten,

Former reality star Lauren Conrad may have a clothing line as well as a partnership with Mark. Cosmetics, but that doesn’t mean the 26-year-old hasn’t suffered a fashion faux-pas or two in her day.

In an exclusive video for People, Conrad reveals some of the worst beauty trends she’s ever followed – one of them being roll-on body glitter. “You would do it on your arms and on your cheeks,” the star admitted. “I remember doing it before soccer matches, which was really weird.”

And possibly even worse, Conrad also said she fell victim to the '90s hair scrunchie fetish. “I liked to match [them] to my outfit and my bike shorts,” the entrepreneur said. “I was quite the fashionista.”

Now, Conrad really is known nationwide as a fashion icon and even has novels featured on the New York Times bestselling list. And the star – who published a style book – is excited to release a follow-up beauty guide, titled http://www.eonline.com/news/347780/justin-timberlake-hits-las-vegas-for-
bachelor-party>Lauren Conrad Beauty.

“So many times fans ask how to do something, or what tool or product to use, and there are so many tricks I’ve learned from amazing glam teams,” Conrad boasted. “I felt this was a great way to share it all with girls who really put the tips to good use.”

Conrad’s latest book hit shelves Tuesday, October 15. Find yours in a bookstore near you!

Photo Courtesy of INFDaily.com



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