Lea Michele would rather sing naked than dance

By April Chieffo,
Lea Michele: “It doesn’t come to me easily. I’m not a good dancer, so it’s something that challenges me."

There is no doubt Glee star Lea Michele is multi-talented as an actress, singer and performer, but the 25-year-old admits she gets nervous when she has to dance because she doesn’t think she’s a good dancer.

“ It doesn’t come to me easily,” Perez Hilton reported Michele telling Ellen DeGeneres Tuesday. “I’m not a good dancer, so it’s something that challenges me. It’s good to have something everyday to go to work that…can make you a little, you know, nervous.”

Michele said she has such a fear of dancing and that she would rather sing naked.

“Even if it’s, like, Rachel [Berry] is now in New York. She takes dance classes at college, and even if I have to do the simplest beginner ballet routine I’d be like, ‘I will take all my clothes off and sing naked instead of me having to dance right now.”

The actress does like to dance, though. Just as long as no one is watching her.

“If I’m home alone in my house maybe I’ll dance by myself," she said. "It’s just being given a specific type of choreography, [it’s hard].”

Michele added:

“If I could just dance and do whatever…I don’t think it would look that good."

Even though she is scared to dance on Glee, ironically, dance was the reason she didn’t catch her Ellen interview when it aired.

“Did you guys see me on @TheEllenShow today?! I was at dance rehearsal and missed it:( But it's on my DVR:),” she tweeted.

Image; Fox



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