Liam Neeson gets naked!

By Lauren Mangeri,
Breast Cancer awareness

Actor, Liam Neeson dropped his robe on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk-show, Ellen, to support Breast Cancer awareness on Oct. 1.

ABC News reported that he showed up on the show in a bright pink robe. (And bright pink underwear underneath!)

DeGeneres asked an audience member to hit a target and if Neeson fell into the dunking booth he was sitting on, $10,000 would be donated to breast cancer research.

Neeson was the star of the movie, Taken, back in 2008, and now there are previews for Taken 2, which will be released on Fri., Oct. 5! Neeson stars in Taken 2 with Famke Jeanseen and Maggie Grace. This movie is the sequel of Taken in which his daughter, Kim, who Maggie Grace played, was taken while she was on a vacation in Europe. The character Neeson played had a background of being able to figure information out and getting to what he needed. In the end of the movie, he gets his daughter back, but it seems the people who took her, are back for his family again.

At the end of the portion of DeGeneres’s show, Neeson was soaked and the $10,000 was doubled, and $20,000 was donated to breast cancer research!

Well done, Neeson!



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