Lindsay Lohan back to being redhead, doesn’t like new color

By Mallory Hatten,

At a Beverly Hills party on Thursday night, actress Lindsay Lohan appeared to have dyed her hair back to her natural color – red. But the troubled starlet admitted that the new look isn’t exactly what she expected.

PEOPLE reports that the 26-year-old Mean Girls star had been donning a lighter, brownish-red shade throughout the summer months while she filmed the Lifetime TV movie, Liz & Dick. But her new tresses have a darker, richer more auburn tint, and Lilo isn’t completely sure she’s loving her new look.

“It’s actually the wrong color than it’s supposed to be…But it’s the color of my natural hair and it will get there,” Lohan told E! News reporters.

Besides changing her look up, Lilo has also had quite the dramatic week – emotionally.

On Wednesday, the actress got in a fight with mom Dina Lohan after a wild night out, prompting the cops to show up. Lohan called her father Michael Lohan, explaining that the argument allegedly began after lending her mom $40,000. The actress even accused her mother of using cocaine.

But Lilo later contacted TMZ Live to clarify the accusation. “I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine.”

Photo Courtesy of INFDaily.com



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