Lindsay Lohan tweets to Katie Couric about being bullied in school

By Daniel S Levine,

Lindsay Lohan was so inspired by the story of high schooler Whitney Kropp, who was the victim of bullying, that she sent a flurry of revealing tweets to Katie Couric, who recently featured Kropp on her daytime talk show. Lohan revealed that she, too, was victim of bullies at school.

Kropp spoke to Couric about how she overcame a cruel prank when she was voted to homecoming court. Despite that, she went to homecoming and won support from her community and across the country on the web.

The story was so inspiring to Lohan that the Liz & Dick star sent tweets to Couric about how she was bullied, reports E! News.

“I was actually bullied @ my public school when i would leave to film. Whenever I came back,” she revealed, “girls & boys would call me names.”

Next, Lohan wrote, “They would also mock me because of my home situation...When people found out that my father was in jail...they would yell things, try to trip me & more…I moved to home-schooling instead. In 11th grade. I stuck it out for a while.”

She concluded, “so i can relate to the girls that you spoke with on your show today. I appreciate you reaching out to them. xo.”

Couric later responded, thanking Lohan for watching the episode and raising awareness of bullying.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.



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