Mariah Carey celebrates husband Nick Cannon's 32nd birthday by throwing him a party

By Gina DiFalco,

New American Idol judge Mariah Carey took a break from worrying about her famous Nicki Minaj fued over the weekend by celebrating her husband’s 32nd birthday.

Carey shared some intimate pictures of herself with her husband, Nick Cannon, via her Twitter account. One caption read “My hubby On his birthday fest!” showing Cannon with a birthday hat on and enjoying a glass of champagne in a pinstriped suit.

Meanwhile, Carey wore a tight black dress with a silver birthday head piece to celebrate her husband’s birthday festivities.

Celebs Gather News Channel reports that Carey threw Cannon a party at the hot Hollywood club Playhouse.

Carey seemed to put all the drama surrounding Minaj and the reported death threat behind her as she enjoyed celebrating the night away.

Since telling Barbara Walters that she didn’t feel “emotionally” safe around Minaj, she hired extra security to be around her when she’s working with the Pink Friday rapper on the hit FOX show with fellow judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.

photo courtesy of Twitter



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