Matt Damon blames gray hair on his four daughters

By Norman C. Stokes,

Matt Damon, 41, is sporting gray hair, and blames his daughters.

Matt Damon...backstage @ S.O.S rally. 7/30/11 on Twitpic

Damon has four children with his wife Luciana, all girls: Alexia, 14, Isabella, 6, Gia, 4, and 23-month-old Stella.

People noted how Damon appeared with his gray hair while supporting Ben Affleck at the Argo movie dinner at Porter House steakhouse in New York. The Bourne trilogy actor told People Stylewatch, “I point out all of the gray and I say to my daughters, ‘You did this and you did this and you did this.’”

Of course he was joking, and his daughters understand it because according to him, “They really think it’s funny.”

Yahoo reported Damon is proud of his gray hair, but movie executives prefer to hide it.

Damon explained, ''They dyed the grey out for We Bought a Zoo, but I was like, 'I like my grey hair.' I'm proud of it.''

However, recently Damon shaved his head bald for a movie role and wears a beanie to endure the cold New York weather.



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