Mayor Bloomberg's sign language interpreter Lydia Callis goes viral (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Mayor Bloomberg gave a press conference, updating New Yorkers on the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but it wasn’t his words that have gone viral. Rather, it’s his sign language interpreter Lydia Callis.

Callis’ animated interpretation of Bloomberg’s words has received an unexpected following in the social media world, with many tweeting about her signing.

Fox News reports on Callis’ unexpected fame, which derived from what is reported as her first time interpreting at a press conference.

Of her overly animated expressions while she signed, Twitter users were commenting with such tweets as “Bloomberg speaking & all I wanna see is the sign language lady from yesterday! #LydiaCallis yes.”

@CosmicFluke simply stated, “The new face of 2012, #LydiaCallis,” with someone else saying, “The sign language language lady in Bloomberg's press conference entourage has way too much swag for this. She is hypnotizing,” New York Magazine reports.

Callis has even been the inspiration behind a Tumblr page, which gives separate screen shots for her expressions and videos to go with it.



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