Mumford & Sons 'Babel' achieves album debut of the year

By Connor Murphy,

Mumford & Sons’ newest album Babel has sold 600,000 copies in its first week. Babel is the second album released by Mumford & Sons. This total is the highest selling album debut this year. It is also the most since rapper Drake released Take Care in November 2011, selling 631,000 copies.

According to Reuters, the album also notched the second-largest digital sales week (ever) with 420,000 downloads of Babel.

This release is particularly impressive with heavyweight veteran acts such as Green Day and No Doubt both releasing new albums this week. Babel was such a hot item this week, it beat the total records sold of the next seven albums on the Billboard 200 combined.

Mumford & Sons is a British folk band gaining popularity quick. Mumford’s first album, Sigh No More has found great success since its release in 2010. Selling 2,477,000 copies since its release, Sigh No More has been one of the best-selling albums in recent years.

Keith Caulfield, Billboard's director of charts told USA Today, "Mumford isn't a traditional singles act, like Rihanna. It's not about hits. They appeal to consumers who still want the experience of an album. They have a wide appeal, from young folks who see them on tour to older NPR listeners."

Seems like Mumford & Sons' popularity is only on the rise, as it is well deserved. Mumford & Sons represent a piece of music that seemed to be getting lost with popular music today. With the lead single off of Babel, “I Will Wait,” Mumford looks to continue to elevate as a band in popularity, and seek to continue to be very successful with Babel.

Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait":



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