NBC delays ‘Community,’ ‘Whitney’ premieres, new ‘Community’ showrunners talk about fourth season

By Daniel S Levine,

Community fans are going to have to wait a while longer to see where new showrunners and executive producers David Guarascio and Moses Port will take the show. NBC has delayed the show’s fourth season premiere indefinitely.

The New York Times reports that Community and Whitney, NBC’s other Friday sitcom, were supposed to premiere on Oct. 19. Grimm repeats will air instead.

So far, NBC’s Monday through Wednesday programming has done well, so the network wants to focus its promotional muscle on those programs. In a statement, NBC said that Community and Whitney could be used to plug in holes on those days in the future. Since Guys with Kids and Animal Practice have struggled on Wednesdays, those slots look like a possible landing spot for Community and Whitney, notes Deadline.

Community is returning from a rocky third season, in which NBC left it off of the midseason schedule and ended with Sony Pictures TV unceremoniously kicking out creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon.

He was replaced by Guarascio and Port, who recently talked to Entertainment Weekly, noting that there will be some noticeable changes for fans, but there are plenty of aspects they will keep.

“In terms of putting our own stamp on it, we were not involved in the first three years,” Port said. “So very much being fans of the show, we made the decision to check our egos at the door and be like, ‘Look, we are going to rely heavily on the people that are returning here,’ so the voices that have been here before are heard loud and clear, and they are a part of everything. We definitely have listened as much as we’ve spoken during this process.”

image: NBC



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