Octomom Nadya Suleman will not face charges for alleged sexual abuse

By Daniel S Levine,

Two nannies have claimed that they witnessed Nadya Suleman, the woman best known as the “Octomom,” sexually and physically abusing her young children. Prosecutors have decided that they will not press charges based on the claims because of a lack of evidence.

The nannies spoke with CBS2 in Los Angeles, citing multiple examples of physical and sexual abuse against the young children. They also alleged that Suleman let her older children physically abuse them as well.

Suleman quickly called the claims “blatant lies” in an interview with TMZ.

After the claims were reported, the Orange County District Attorney's Office told the media that it will not charge Suleman because they don’t have enough evidence to support the nannies’ claims.

There is "insufficient evidence to prove anyone has committed a crime in that home," D.A. chief of staff Susan Kang Schroeder told E! News.

Suleman’s manager has also denied the claims.

One of Suleman’s current nannies, Terry, agreed that the claims are “ridiculous.”

“As far as I see, she's a good mom. She's got more patience than anyone I know,” Terry told TMZ.



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