'The Office' star Oscar Nuñez and wife Ursula Whittaker welcome baby girl

By Christina Colavecchia,

There's a new baby in the office!

The Office star Oscar Nuñez, who plays Oscar Martinez in the hilarious sitcom, and wife Ursula Whittaker welcomed their new baby girl, August Luce, on October 4.

August is the first child of the couple and, first-time dad Nuñez, 53, couldn't be happier.

Nuñez and his wife costarred in the 2008 short, Boob Jobs & Jesus. Whittaker also produced, directed and wrote the piece.

The birth of their daughter comes at a good time, as The Office's ninth and final season is airing and underway. "I sort of felt it was going to happen," Nuñez told Huffington Post in September. "I didn't know how much further we could go in the ninth season."

"It's nice because we know that [it's the final season], so everything is cherished just a little bit more," he added. "Everything is a little more special."

Nuñez is set to play defense attorney Jose Baez in the TV movie, Prosecuting Casey Anthony, for his next project, reports E! Online.

image: NBC



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