Oldest Facebook user challenged by even older user

By Lauren Mangeri,
Can you believe it?

The oldest Facebook user to date is 101 years old; however, an even older Facebook user has come forward stating their age of 105 years old.

The Inquistr reports the oldest Facebook user is 101 years old. Her name is Florence Detlor. This was made official because even Facebook’s creator and owner, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg flew Detlor out to the Facebook headquarters to get a tour.

This was challenged though, because an even older Facebook user was Maria Segura-Metzgar, who is 105 years old. This information was passed up because when Segura-Metzgar signed up for Facebook originally, she lied about her actual age. Zuckerberg did not want her as the oldest user because she lied.

Apparently when Segura-Metzgar signed up for the website, the year of birth actually did not even go as far back as her actual age, her son explained. He tried contacting Facebook in order to get his mother’s title of the oldest Facebook user, but so far he has not gotten any response back.

On KOB news, it is explained Segura-Metzgar was only able to sign up as 101 years of age, because when trying to sign up as 104 years of age, it would come up as an invalid date.

"I am very happy because all my family are here with me today. I am so happy. Very, very happy. Thank you very much," Segura-Metzgar said to KOB news at her 105th birthday party.



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