'Parenthood' Episode 6 Recap: I’ll Be Right Here

By Luis Vargas,
Kristina faces surgery

In the last episode of Parenthood viewers saw Kristina reveal to the entire Braverman clan that the doctors had spotted a tumor in her and that she was going to have surgery. Haddie came back to help her family through the stressful ordeal. Meanwhile, Max had made the decision to run for school president.

This episode opened up with Haddie helping out around the house as Kristina and Adam prepared for the surgery. Max was also preparing his speech for the school election.

The entre Braverman family is taking Kristina’s news pretty heavily. Crosby is very attentive to Adam’s needs and provides his older brother with a painful massage that is meant to alleviate stress (he means well I promise.) Crosby feels compelled to help Adam anyway he can, but seems to cause more stress with his generosity. Adam tells him he would help out by making a food delivery to Bernadette’s.

In the other Braverman household Sarah is moving out of her parents’ Zeek and Camilles’ house. She and Drew are going to move in with her fiancé Mark. Drew isn’t exactly ecstatic about the move, but Sarah can’t deal with his worries as her boss Hank comes by the house. They discuss the awkward kiss that happened at work, but are interrupted as Mark comes to help her move. Hank is quick on his feet and tells Mark he came over to lend Sarah a dolly for the move.

Ryan, the soldier who has come home from the Middle East, stops by The Luncheonette with one mission on his mind: ask Amber out on a date. He makes his intentions clear to Amber. When she asks him “Are you interested in music?” He replies, “I’m interested in you.” She agrees to go out with Ryan and the romance ensues (viewers definitely saw that coming.)

The show cuts to Max’s room with him and Kristina. Kristina is clearly distraught that she will not be able to support Max during his speech because of her surgery, but she offers him the advice of writing his speech down. Max claims he doesn’t need to write his speech because he has it memorized. When he presents the speech viewers can see that he didn’t have much talking points to cover.

As Sarah settles in her new home with Mark it seems like Drew can’t wait to get out. He blows off dinner with Sarah and Mark to go out with some friends. Sarah goes out to the lobby to confront Drew and he unloads. Drew explains that he feels Sarah just picked him up and moved him in the middle of his senior year without even thinking about him. The fact that Mark does not have cable does not help win Drew over at all.

As Kristina and Adam wait for Crosby to deliver the food they prepare for the dinner before her cancer surgery. Kristina discusses her worry over Max’s speech. Haddie steps up and tells her that she’ll go support Max for his speech. As their waiting for the food to be delivered Max explains that if Kristina eats past eight o’ clock than she can throw it up in her inhaling tube and inhale during surgery, which will kill her. Kristina gets tired of waiting and attempts to open a peanut butter and jelly jar, but she can’t. Haddie follows her to the kitchen and opens it for her showing her mom that she is there for her.

Crosby finally delivers the food and an injured Otis (the family dog.) He wishes Kristina good luck for her surgery and excuses himself.

Ryan and Amber go on their first date to a Mexican restaurant. Although Amber seems to like a Ryan her mind is focused on her aunt Kristina and her surgery. Ryan’s reaction to the news reveals a lot to viewers and Amber about what type of guy he is. He’s a pretty sensitive guy who genuinely cares about others. He tells Amber “I would love to buy you a burrito and have you tell me about your aunt.” The scene cuts to awkward goodbye. Amber invites Ryan to her apartment, but Ryan declines the offer leaving Amber confused. As she tries to shake off her initial confusion and lean in for goodnight kiss Ryan offers her a handshake, which throws her off even more. Perhaps she feels “friend zoned?”

In the morning of the surgery Haddie explains that she’s talked to her dean at school about missing the first semester in order to help her mother out. Kristina and Adam quickly object to the idea explaining to Haddie that she should stay in school. They agree to discuss the situation later. Before she leaves Kristina tells Haddie to make sure Max wears a nice t-shirt for his speech. Kristina and Haddie hug each other goodbye and exchange “I love yous.”

That same morning Sarah returns to work after missing the previous day to move in with Mark. As she delivers Hank his coffee he asks her about the move. She explains that they bumped the moving date up and replies that Hank’s kiss had nothing to do with the decision after Hank asks. The conversation is brief, but seems to reveal that things will still be awkward between the two of them.

Adam impatiently waits with Kristina for them to take her to operating room. They won’t allow Adam to go to the O.R. so he watches as the doctors take the mother of his children off to surgery. Jason Katims really knows how to pull on a viewer’s heartstrings.

Even though Adam did not want to make a big deal of the event and have all his siblings waiting with him they all can’t handle the shift system and the three of them wait with him as Kristina is in surgery. In an attempt to console Adam they all strangely ask Adam if he wants tea.

The show cuts to Max’s speech in the school auditorium. Haddie gives Max a pep talk and lists all the attributes that make him a good candidate. She also tells Max that if he gets nervous to look over at her and she will give him a thumbs up. Max asserts that he has a great memory and he won’t get nervous.

After some awkward microphone feedback Max delivers his speech he makes it very clear that his campaign consists of one thing: bringing back the vending machines. After a slight pause it seems like he gets nervous and he looks over to Haddie for support. He starts listing all the attributes Haddie listed that would make him a good candidate. Then, he reveals he has asperger’s disorder, which makes social interaction difficult to him and very smart. He ends the speech by saying having asperger’s is his greatest strength. This garners some support from the audience as they start applauding.

Kristina wakes up from surgery Adam is there to greet her with the good news that Max won the election. The show cuts to Sarah and Drew. Sarah gives him the option of moving back to his grandparents’ house. Drew and Sarah then make their way to living room to join Mark who is enjoying newly installed cable.

Ryan visits Amber’s apartment to drop off some flowers for her. She explains that she is confused as to how Ryan feels after he declined her offer to come to her apartment. Ryan responds saying that he likes her a lot, but he would like to things slow. Then he says goodbye the right way not with a handshake, but with a kiss.

This episode really shows how much Crosby loves his sister-in-law. He asks his son Jabbar to show him how to pray (a couple of episodes ago Crosby addressed his uncertainty with religion and how uncomfortable it makes him to have a son who is Christian.) Crosby only prays for one thing Kristina and Adam’s wellbeing, but Jabbar adds Otis’ wellbeing.

After the surgery Adam and Kristina go on a follow-up appointment with the doctor who reveals that the cancer in her breast was removed. However, the doctor also revealed some bad news. He said the tumor they examined is a more aggressive cancer than they thought and so they will have to treat her with chemotherapy. From a viewer’s perspective this leaves as confused and distraught as Kristina who was so happy to receive the news that the cancer was gone only to be bombarded with a bunch of medical jargon no one understands.

Haddie anxiously awaits her parents’ arrival from the doctor. Kristina musters up enough strength to put on a brave face and lie to Haddie telling her that the cancer is gone. The show ends with the two hugging while Adam looks on with plenty of concern on his face.

Unfortunately, due to The Voice and other NBC shows, Parenthood is set to come back on November 13th, but check out this preview below along with three other previews on the Parenthood website.



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