Patrick Swayze's widow is dating again

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Lisa Niemi, who was once married to Patrick Swayze for 34 years before he passed away, is reported to be dating again.

Niemi is dating her new boyfriend, Albert DePrisco. They met through a mutual friend at a birthday party and are claimed to be taking it slow, ABC News says.

Niemi was 53 years old in 2009 when her husband, Swayze, died from pancreatic cancer. Only months later she wrote a book called The Time of my Life, where she wrote about the challenges before and after losing her husband, Good Morning America reports.

The book focuses on how Niemi had to deal with her husband being in the hospital for awhile before he lost his battle to pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed with this cancer in Jan. 2008. The book had most of Swayze words, yet Niemi put her words in too as to how she had to deal with this awful cancer.

Nonetheless, this widow was able to find love again and be happy since losing her husband. Her new boyfriend, DePrisco, is a jeweler. Their relationship is new and they claim to be “taking it slow.”


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