Rita Ora’s pre-show rituals include a bottle of Jack

By April Chieffo,
Rita Ora is set to tour the US this month

“R.I.P.” singer Rita Ora is ready to hit the road for a mini US tour this month. The 21-year-old is set to play five dates as part of The ORA Tour, presented by MTV.

Joined by Iggy Azalea and Havana Brown, Ora will perform her hits, as well as new songs from her debut album, ORA, which has yet to be released in the US.

As she prepares for her tour, Ora is revealing fun facts about touring and performing.

Most artists have a pre-show ritual before going onstage. Ora’s pre-show ritual includes drinking a bottle of Jack.

"My pre-show rituals? I have to have a bottle of Jack. I have to have some ginger ale. I have to have tea, and I can't really have any loud music. So I have to concentrate and focus as I sip on whiskey and tea," she revealed to MTV News.

Once onstage, she says there are no rules. It’s all about having fun.

"When I go onstage, I don't imitate anybody. I definitely pull effects from artists, like the freedom of Coldplay performing. It's more of a band vibe than just a solo act," she added. "I vibe with my band a lot and just have fun onstage. It's no rules. It's no dance routines. It's just me and my band, rocking out."

Rita Ora’s ORA Tour kicks off October 23 in Santa Ana, CA. Fans that can’t make the shows can find highlights and extra content from the road on the MTV networks and at MTV.com.

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