‘Robot Chicken’ renewed for seventh season

By Daniel S Levine,

The New York City Comic Con is this weekend and one of the first big news items to come from the event was that Adult Swim has picked up the irreverent comedy series Robot Chicken for a seventh season.

Creators and executive producers Seth Green and Matthew Senreich told the crowd during their panel, which included a guest appearance by Macaulay Culkin, that the show will continue for another season in 2013, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The series, which often uses action figures to make fun of pop culture, has been a top performer for Adult Swim since it launched in 2005. It has also been nominated for several Emmys and has four wins. In 2010, it won for outstanding shortform animated program.

Green teased the crowd with some new footage of the new season. He was particularly excited about a Star Trek: The Next Generation tribute rap that will feature a performance from Ke$ha and RZA, reports Newsarama.

“Do you guys like Star Trek: TNG?” he asked. “Well, real early on in that series, Data has sex with Tasha Yar, which means at some point Dr. Soong was like ‘that robot needs a d**k, and one that works,’ so the idea came up for Dr. Soong to do a rap about putting a d**k on Data.”

Green also discussed Star Wars Detours, an animated Star Wars parody series he is working on with the blessing of LucasFilm. “So far everyone likes Star Wars, so every time there’s something new it’s easy for people to get excited.”

Writer Dan Milano stressed, “It’s not for five year olds. We’re just opening it up in a Simpsons/Looney Tunes kind of way. And it’s definitely not canon.”

Other celebrities who will participate in Robot Chicken’s seventh season include 50 Cent, Jon Stewart, Zachary Levi, Seth MacFarlane and Joss Whedon.



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