Ronnie thinks the most shocking part of the final season of 'Jersey Shore' is that The Situation 'checked into the house' (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

For all of those who have been waiting – tonight is the night. It’s the season six premiere of Jersey Shore, which also happens to be the last season of the hit MTV show.

Mike “The Situation,” Ronnie and Pauly D all sat down with MTV News to share their feelings about the end of their journey together in Seaside Heights.

"We are taking it day by day right now and we're concentrating on season six, and whatever the future may bring, we're ready for it. We're excited for viewers to see number six because we think it's going to be a good one,” said The Situation, who appears sober on this season following a rehab stint starting in March.

"I think it's crazy," Pauly D said about the last season. "We've been through so much together that I still can't believe it's been six seasons."

Although there’s always something shocking going on in the Jersey Shore house, this time, Snooki is pregnant and The Situation is sober. So what’s the most shocking?

According to Ronnie, "Most shocking thing is that Mike actually checked into the house this season," and The Situation added, "I always check in, maybe not on time though."

Pauly added that he thought Snooki’s pregnancy was the most shocking thing, but still I don't think it changed," he said about the show. "The show's reality, and that's what the coolest thing about it is, things happen in reality, people get pregnant, some people deal with situations going to rehab. Get it? "Situations" going to rehab. That was good. I need to write that down. No, it's cool. It's just real life."

Ronnie added that The Situation “still went to the clubs and had a good time," Ronnie said. "Snooki still showed up to the house and was herself. She was pregnant and responsible.”

The final season airs tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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