Schwarzenegger hopes to win back Shriver and family

By Megan Kummer,

The Terminator is having major regrets about his likely soon to be terminated marriage to television journalist and wife of his four children, Maria Shriver.

CNN.com reports that Schwarzenegger blames no one but himself for the couple’s spilt after 25 years of marriage. In the wake of the highly publicized revelation of Schwarzenneger’s affair and lovechild with his family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Baena, the former governor and Austrian actor attempts to make restituion in his new memoir, Total Recall.

Though he describes the tedious process of detailing the sordid affair as “torturous” to The Globe and Mail, Schwarzenegger realized the need for his full disclosure. “We knew it would be tough for my kids and my wife. We needed to get the book out and be honest about it, without making anyone feel that we’re trying to hide or avoid the whole thing,” stated Arnold.

While the memoir recounts his past indiscretions, Hollywood experiences (did you know that O.J. Simpson was initially intended for the role of the Terminator?), and political aspirations, Schwarzenegger insists that his ultimate current ambition is ““To pay full attention to my relationship and my family, to slowly bring the family back together again.’’

He recently echoed this sentiment in an interview that aired Tuesday, October 2, on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. "I love my kids dearly, and I love Maria ... She has been truly the only love that I've ever had and that's what is so pitiful about it," stated Schwarzenegger, describing Shriver as "the most perfect wife."

Maria filed for divorce shortly after Arnold publicly acknowledged that he had in fact fathered a son with housekeeper Baena. But the former Mr. Universe assured Piers Morgan that he still hopes to win Shriver and his family back.



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