Shocking and Shining moments from 'The Walking Dead' episode 302

By Shannon Toohey,
Sick Brings Suprising Action

On Sunday night the second episode of season 3 of The Walking Dead aired. It was called Sick. As predicted last week, this episode was definitely filled with fireworks, but not the fireworks we were expecting. There were actually many moments that left our jaws on the ground. There was also the occasional “yell at the television because I can’t believe that just happened” moment, as well as a few shining performances by the ladies.

1) The prisoners don’t know.

This was one of those “yell at the television moments.” It has been about 10 months since the apocalypse and the prisoners reveal that they are unaware of the severity of the situation around them. This is pretty shocking because we have yet to meet anybody who is so naïve about the apocalypse since we met Hershel.

According to them, a guard had locked them up in the cafeteria for their own good and never came back. 292 days later, Rick and the group show up to break news that most of the population has most likely been wiped out. It was strange to see this type of reaction once again, as the men came to the realization that everything they once knew is probably gone.

2) First shining moment of the night by a lady. Maggie Greene. As Hershel lies with a severed leg, Maggie showed true bravery as she talks to her unconscious father. It is apparent that she has come full circle in her personal struggle with the apocalypse and makes sure that her father comes first right now, even if it means neglecting Glenn for a while. She tells him that if he needs to give up, she would support him, even though it would be the hardest thing she’s done. As she leans over her father, we see a new side of Maggie, and even though she is sobbing, we know she has come to her full potential in this world. It was a fabulous performance by actress Lauren Cohan.

3) Second shining moment of the night by a lady.

Lori Grimes! It is hard to imagine Lori making wise decisions after all those times her son has gotten into danger, or that one time she cheated on her husband. it is hard even after Carol playfully told Lori, “You look disgusting,” after asking if she looked worried about having the baby. Nevertheless, when Hershel begins to lose his breath, Lori swoops in and immediately begins CPR. Hershel startles her by suddenly beginning to breathe again. Lori can now be considered a life saver. This is a nice step up for her. Lori has also been extra supportive of Rick's decisions lately. Whether she is doing it for his good graces, or just getting smarter, Lori Grimes can now begin to get some more love and support from the fans.

4) Rick and Lori.

There were two moments shared by the couple. The first came when Rick was looking for some sort of guidance from Lori about whether to kill the prisoners. She was nothing but supportive of his decisions, showing that she continues to love him. The second moment came after Lori saves Hershel. Rick follows her outside, and tells her that he does not think she is a bad mother. She hopefully reveals her hope that he may want to talk about things. Rick looks straight ahead and can barely get out the words “We’re awful grateful for what you did.” It was obviously difficult for him to admit she had done something right. Emotionlessly, Rick turns and walks away as Lori begins to cry. Could this be the end of Rick and Lori as husband and wife?

5) I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In.

Rick gets a bad vibe from one prisoner who immediately fights him about who has the owning rights to the prison. (Ironic that a prison is a place where people want to be.) We already saw Rick kill a man in the bar last season to protect the group. Regardless, at that point he seemed to be killing mainly to protect Lori and Carl. Rick takes an ax to the prisoner’s head this time after he pushes a walker into him. It was a shocking moment.

Now we know for sure that Rick is protecting the group, but according to his interaction with Lori, we are not sure if protecting her is still the first thing on his mind.

We still have yet to encounter Merle and enter Woodbury. Fans may be able to expect that and more Michonne and Andrea in next Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Also, look out for Carol performing a fake C-Section on the abdomen of a walker woman.



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