'South Park' creators sued

By Jon Hall,
'Imaginationland' Episode under fire

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, have built a reputation for taking satire to the extreme, however their use of a character with a strong resemblance to a copyrighted character from another show has led to legal action.

According to TMZ, Exavier Wardlaw, creator of the children's show The Lollipop Forest is suing the duo for stealing the lollipop character that appears in three episodes of South Park that aired in 2007.

Wardlaw claims that Lollipop's family values were diminished when the adult cartoon used the character with "unwholesome language and sexual innuendo."

The suit was filed in Philadelphia and, according to Huffington Post, Wardlaw is demanding that all traces of the character be removed from the three episodes Lollipop appears in.

The episodes which feature Lollipop involve him witnessing a suicide bomber, being strangled by a stormtrooper, and having to watch Kyle perform oral sex on Cartman.

This is not the first time South Park has been sued. In an episode where the show used a song called "What What in the Butt" Brownmark Films, the creators of the song, took legal action. However, a Wisconsin judge deemed the use of the song safe under the Fair Use sections of copyright laws.



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