‘Supernatural’ Recap: What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

By Freda Eang,

Still saddened by the death of his girlfriend, Kevin more than ever wants to go home to check up on his mom. Dean immediately says, “No” as he knows Crowley’s minions are going to be waiting there for Prophet Kevin to come back. Nevertheless, he gives in to Kevin and the trio head to Neighbor, Michigan and guess what, Dean was right.

The mailman is a demon, the gardener is a demon, and even Mama Tran’s friend was a demon No surprise there, but Mama Tran’s reaction to where Kevin has been in the last year is. Instead of not believing Kevin and calling him crazy, she says, “The Prophet of the lord does have a ring to it.” She joins them in their quest for the tablets instead of going to a safe house like Dean suggests, even undergoing getting a tattoo that keeps demons from possession to do so. Way to go Mama Tran.

After Mama Tran and Kevin gets their tattoo, the group heads to a bus/train station in Laramie, Wyoming to get the tablet out of a locker. Unfortunately, someone has broken into the locker and the tablet is now missing. Sam and Dean finds security to find out what happened, which leads them to the county jail to see the thief. The man plays dumb when Sam interrogates him, but immediately tells Dean what he knows as Dean gets quite physical. This scene parallels with a flashback of Dean’s day in Purgatory and let’s just says Dean has become a master inquisitor. Dean’s eyes look hungry for answers and ready to kill (in both scenes), but the end result is that he gets the answer that he wants – Castiel’s whereabouts in Purgatory and the tablet’s whereabouts in the present day.

The group heads to the pawn shop to inquire about the tablet, but the tablet was not there as well as it’s been purchased. Dean and company arrive at the front of room 126 at a motel and this is when things get more complicated. A man name Bo meets them outside the room and he gives an invitation to an exclusive auction to Kevin, meaning the tablet is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

When the group arrives to the auction, Dean sets off the security alarms upon arrival. He is forced to strip himself of all his weapons as there’s a ‘system’ to these types of auctions. Well at least all the supernatural creatures can’t go around killing the Winchester Brothers either. Continuing on past security, the group sees the tablet showcased in a room along with other auction items. Their original plan backfires because the tablet is completely covered, making it impossible for Kevin to memorize the inscriptions and then make a run. Crowley arrives when the group tries to formulate a new plan along with a new angel. The angel questions Dean of Castiel’s whereabouts and we begin to wonder what happened between Castiel and Dean in Purgatory.

The scene flashbacks to Dean finding Castiel in Purgatory after their initial split up at the end of last season. It’s revealed that Castiel didn’t run off due to some creature nearby, but because Castiel wanted to protect Dean. Castiel fears that Dean by sticking to him will be a target for the monsters in Purgatory. In this instant, Castiel tells Dean to leave him alone, but Dean tells Castiel that they are going to leave Purgatory together no matter what. The big question once more is what happened to Castiel then? If Dean is out, why isn’t he?

Back to the auction, the group decides to remain there to see how high the stakes are. When the tablet comes up for bidding, the bidding war surprisingly is not between the Winchester Brothers and Crowley, but Crowley and the angel. The stakes get pretty high, with mentions of 3 billion dollars, the Mona Lisa, the real Mona Lisa, Vatican City, Alaska, and the moon. It only gets crazier as Bo, the auctioneer makes Kevin part of the tablet bidding deal.

Mama Tran becomes upset at what just happened, which causes her to bid everything she has – even her own soul. The sacrifice she is willing to make interests the auctioneers and so she wins the auction. Before the deal is completely made though, Crowley burns Mama Tran’s tattoo and takes possession of her body. Great tattoo huh? Dean was almost able to retrieve the tablet back from Crowley as he was ready to kill Mama Tran, but Kevin stops him.

Crowley at this point leaves Mama Tran’s body while escaping with the tablet. Kevin is horrified at what Dean was about to do and asks to be with his mom alone for awhile (as she’s not herself any longer). Sam and Dean obliged to Kevin’s request, but when they realized it was too silent, they rushed back into the room – finding a note from Kevin that says he’s left.

The episode concludes with one last flashback of Deans, where Castiel is holding on for dear life. What danger were they in?

Final Thoughts: Dean is definitely different after Purgatory and this episode confirms it. Dean’s almost killing Mama Tran moment was intense and because of his actions, it has caused a rift between him and Kevin. Unless Mama Tran wakes up from her trance, it might take awhile for Kevin to forgive him. Other than that, I can understand why Dean was so eager to kill Mama Tran; it was Crowley in her meat suit after all. I’m still wondering what happened to Castiel, but in the meantime I hope to see a little more of what happened to Sam in the last year. This week was Dean packed; I think it’s time to shift over to Sam a little right? Thoughts on today’s episode anyone?

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.



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