Taylor Swift “pressured” to be perfect, smitten over Taylor Hanson

By Mallory Hatten,

Country superstar Taylor Swift appeared on Good Morning America this morning to promote the release of her latest album, Red. And the 22-year-old dished on everything from maintaining perfection to who she’s crushing on.

E! reported that Swift feels the “pressure not to make a mistake” on her fourth studio album, which features real life songs about the singer’s rollercoaster of a love life.

“I’m at an age where you’re supposed to be, like, learning lessons and all that and making mistakes and it’s OK,” Swift said. “But it’s…I really have to minimize the mistakes that I make because it’s important that I…I have these people that count on me.”

And as for the lyrical content of her newest tracks, the country crooner says her fans will no exactly what to expect if they know her like she thinks they do.

“My fans know that I’m gonna give them the real version of what happened to me in my music,” Swift declared. “And they know what they read on gossip site may or may not be true. And they can kind of tell if it’s true or not because they know me.”

According to ABC News, Swift also revealed which celebrity she’s crushing on – “Taylor Hanson.”

But no worries, the singer can never ever be with him – for now - because she’s happily still together with her boyfriend of several months, 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.

Photo Courtesy of INFDaily.com



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