Tiger Woods apologizes for poor performance in Ryder Cup

By Lauren Mangeri,

Golfer Tiger Woods played in the Ryder Cup and did not do his best. Recently, Woods apologized for his 0-3-1 showing.

Woods, who has had a 16-year career, which in golf is impressive, apologized for failing to secure a point against Europe in the Ryder Cup.

According to the Washington Post, Woods said, “It has been difficult, there is no doubt. We held a great lead and couldn't manage to win from a perfect position going into Sunday.”

He said, "No loss feels good, whether that is in a Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup."

On ESPN, it is said Woods may be four years into winning his 14th major, but he is still happy to be in the conversation when younger players start in the competition. People still talk about his golf skills because he is so talented.

Woods is in conversation for being the number one golfer despite almost taking the full blame for the lack of skill during the game. He even told the rookies on the team he did not play his best.



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