Tom Cruise giving up Scientology, his friendship with church leader David Miscavige to win Katie Holmes back?

By Gina DiFalco,

Tom Cruise reportedly wants his ex-wife Katie Holmes back so bad that he’s willing to give up his beloved religion Scientology.

When Holmes filed for divorce earlier this year, the main reason that was rumored to be behind the split was Cruise’s practicing of Scientology, which is also said to have been the reason he split from former wife Nicole Kidman.

But in a plea to win Holmes back, The Daily Mail reports that Cruise is willing to give it up.

“Now he's lost the most precious thing in his life, he sees that his Scientology beliefs may not have hurt his box office [success] but have ended not one but two marriages,” an insider close to Cruise said.

The source added “He lost Nicole and now his wife and daughter. He has always used the Scientology techniques but he has now realised they don't work in marriage.”

In the first step to sever ties with the church, which he is arguably one of the biggest celebrity advocators for, he is said to be distancing himself from church leader David Miscavige.

Celeb Gather News Channel notes that Holmes was raised Catholic, and wanted nothing to do with Scientology. She also did not want their daughter Suri raised as a Scientologist.



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