Top 10 breakout hits of fall TV

By Matthew Dougherty,

Fall TV is in full swing! All of your favorite shows are back and they brought some new friends. But how can you watch everything at once? Easy! Read our list to find out which new shows are our favorites. Here are our top ten recommended new shows!

10. Vegas (CBS, Tuesday at 10:00)-

Las Vegas in the 60s is a great setting no matter what genre of show you are doing. Having Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and Carrie-Anne Moss does not hurt either. The show sees a sheriff (Quaid) having to deal with a Chicago mobster (Chiklis) as Las Vegas goes through one of the most interesting parts of its history. It might just make you want to book a trip.

9. Ben and Kate (FOX, Tuesday at 8:30)-

Ben and Kate is a cute little show about a brother and sister helping each other out in difficult times. They are complete opposites as Ben looks for the most unrealistic things that he cannot possibly accomplish without steps before them and Kate raises her child alone. Oddly enough, they provide a lot of comedy together and the show works.

8. 666 Park Avenue (ABC, Sunday at 10:00)-

ABC’s Sunday night line-up is just so much fun this year. With Once Upon a Time and Revenge providing some cool and campy fun at 8:00 and 9:00 respectively, they are a perfect lead in to this strange supernatural drama. Just what is going on at 666 Park Avenue? That is the compelling question we have to look forward to seeing answered eventually. With Lost’s Terry O’Quinn serving as the show’s antagonist, there is a lot to look forward to with this one.

7. Go On (NBC, Tuesday at 9:00)-

Matthew Perry returns to NBC in this quirky dark comedy about a sports radio host trying to get over the death of his wife. His boss then forces him to join a support group. The supporting cast of this show is fantastic. Everyone gets just enough screen time without overshadowing Perry. The show does a great job mixing dark humor in with touching moments. It is a pretty unique show that is totally worth checking out.

6. Elementary (CBS, Thursday at 10:00)-

Sherlock Holmes will always be one of the best characters ever conceived. If the BBC’s exemplary series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch is not enough for you, then CBS’ take on the character might be right up your alley. The twist is that Lucy Liu plays Watson, and she nails it. Liu has always been a great actress, and this move to television was definitely worth it for her career.

5. Last Resort (ABC, Thursday at 8:00)-

Let me start on this one by saying one thing, this was my favorite pilot of the fall. Tense, captivating, and well acted, my jaw hit the floor when it was over. However, the next few episodes have failed to keep up that momentum. Hopefully it will be able to recapture the magic and give us a great network military drama.

4. Arrow (CW, Wednesday at 8:00)-

The superhero fad continues on the CW with a show based around Oliver Queen, a.k.a. the Green Arrow. Coming from the makers of Smallville this series is far different from the young years of Superman. Just named Arrow for this more realistic, almost Nolan-esque take on the character, Queen is not afraid to kill and is already an experienced vigilante. Only the pilot has aired thus far, but keep an eye on it, this could be a great high octane superhero series once it gets going.

3. The New Normal (NBC, Tuesday at 9:30)-

This show is pretty mean, and that is what I love about it. Jokes are made that should not be and every time it sends a little ripple down my spine. Mixing this very offensive yet hilarious humor with some really tender character moments should not work but it does. Plus after Girls who does not want to see more of Andrew Rannells.

2. Nashville (ABC, Wednesday at 10:00)-

Anyone want to argue that Connie Britton is not the most lovable person on TV right now? The former Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story star commands the screen in this country music drama. Opposing her is Hayden Panettiere, who comes back with a bite after so much time off after Heroes. Soapy and utterly captivating, this is the best new drama of the season.

1. The Mindy Project (FOX, Tuesday at 9:30)-

Fall's best new show is an absolute slam dunk. Mindy Kaling leaving The Office to go make her own show had us worried, but she has done a wonderful job with The Mindy Project. Consistently funny, and featuring great characters, the show follows Mindy, an OBGYN as she searches for that perfect man. Relatable to both women and men, this is the show not to miss this fall.



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