The Ultimate Facepalm - Patrick Stewart and Time Warner Cable

By Daniel S Levine,

Many of us hate dealing with our cable companies. It turns out that star ship captains feel the same way. As Sir Patrick Stewart recently revealed on Twitter, even he can't stand Time Warner Cable.

It all started on Sept. 13, when Stewart tweeted, “All I wanted to do was set up a new account with @TWCable_NYC but 36hrs later I've lost the will to live.”

He then received a generic response from Time Warner’s customer service account. “How can we assist you?” they asked. “If that question had been asked at any time in the last 36hrs it would have been of value. But now,” the actor replied.

Their response: “I apologize for the frustration. If you change your mind we are here.”

Suddenly, Time Warner appeared to figure out that they were actually communicating with Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself and they tweeted on their official page, “Our Care & @TWCableHelp teams are fully engaged to make sure @SirPatStew is well tended to. We're Trekkers and will make it so.”

Stewart clearly didn’t like being taken advantage of as part of a PR stunt, so he replied, “@TWCable_NYC @twcablehelp Impertinent, presumptuous. And so...’original.’”

Stewart had enough. On Sept. 20, he tweeted, “Thank you @dish for rescuing us from the Faustian @TWCable_NYC with your prompt and professional service.”

Stewart, who recently moved to New York and has already appeared on The Daily Show, had the support of his fellow Trek actors. On Facebook, George Takei called Stewart’s Twitter battle “One of the best things ever.”

Another Enterprise captain, William Shatner, retweeted Stewart’s first tweet, adding, “I agree.”

Stewart only joined Twitter in June and has sent just 69 tweets, but his battle with time Warner led to a boost in followers. He’s currently up to 138,000.

image: knowyourmeme.com



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