Vik's Voice - Injury and Comeback

By Vik Sahay ,

I was on the floor last Saturday night, where you'll always find me watching a mixed martial arts fight. The sofa just doesn't...fit.

At UFC 153, Anderson Silva's win was, though not his most challenging, certainly joyful and playful and elegant. He's a genius fighter at the top of his game.

And then, of course, the talk has started about Georges St. Pierre coming back after tearing his ACL. There's anticipation of his first fight in almost two years and the possibility of he and Silva meeting, at one weight or another.

So that got me thinking about broken bones, exhaustion and rebirth.

It was my last weekend off after a self-imposed fallow period before heading to the ‘Bones’ shoot for my first day on set since I shot ‘Wer’ in Romania. I turned down a lot of opportunities this summer after quite a few non-stop years.

And now, amazingly, I'll be back in Canada shooting the CTV pilot, ‘Satisfaction,’ when GSP fights Carlos Condit, on Nov. 17 in Montreal at UFC 154. I'll return to a tradition of sitting in my brother's Ontario den to watch the UFC and having a few or a dozen items to imbibe.

How will Georges’ knee hold up? Can an injury ever completely knit back together? And what about the mental conviction behind our fault lines, our setbacks? We wait it out, hoping these elite athletes can heal. Hoping we can! We keep our fingers crossed that Rafael Nadal, for example, is back in top form for the Australian Open.

But beyond the physical injuries, there are the bruises on the spirit. Depletion. Loss of inspiration. I was stunned this summer to read Roger Federer say, "I’m wounded. I’m tired. I’m exhausted, so I need some time off right now and then see where I go from here."

Maybe I related to it. Acting, it has been said, is good for the soul, but hell on the nerves.

Why does a comeback in showbiz mean so much? Why is seeing Mickey Rourke in ‘The Wrestler’ so powerful? I think we can feel the injuries, to the spirit, to the man, that have been overcome.

Louis C.K. is told near the end of this season of his brilliant show: "You've got to go away to come back."

In these paths that strive for peak performance, there's a high risk-high reward game being played. And injuries occur. You fall back from the zenith. How could you not? And then come back, but not the same. Always changed.

In a 24-hour news cycle, with social media buzzing around the clock, we're all living in a world that is constantly ON. Maybe our "injuries" give us a chance to turn off and go back to a clean slate, step down, so we can step back up.

And so, as I put my work hat back on, and find my name on the call sheets, find my nerve, I say a prayer for Georges St. Pierre, but really for everyone who is trying to come back.

Famous for his five-year comedic portrayal of Lester on NBC’s Chuck, actor Vik Sahay has gone on to achieve mountains of success, starring in American Reunion - alongside Sean William Scott – as well as the Calgary International Film Festival’s award-winning sex romp, My Awkward Sexual Adventure. He also snagged a leading role in the production of William Brent Bell’s film, WER. Both are set for release in 2013. Sahay is also working on his return to television, as he shoots a leading role in a pilot for CTV’s Satisfaction and a guest starring role on Fox’s hit drama, Bones.

Vik is also lending his voice to us here at TheCelebrityCafe.com. We hope you enjoyed his guest column!

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