'The Voice' Recap 10/16

By Lydia Underwood,

Liz Davis vs Nicole Johnson
Blake assigns “Baggage Claim” by his wife, Miranda Lambert. Liz seems like she has a better grip on the song during the first rehearsal. However, during the final rehearsal, Liz needs to work on her diction.
Time for the battle: They are neck and neck, there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner.
Liz wins!

Alessandra vs Kayla
At the first rehearsal, it’s clear that Alessandra is more practiced and perfected, while Kayla is a natural talent.
After a close performance, Adam is at a loss of who to choose.
Kayla wins!
After cutting in, however, Christina saves Alessandra with the steal!

Ben Taub vs Mycle Wastman
Mycle wins!

Adanna Duru vs Michelle Brooks-Thompson
Michelle wins!

Duo Beat Frequency vs Laura Vivas
Laura wins!

Emily Earle vs Mackenzie Bourg
Mackenzie gets to meet his idol, Rob Thomas, during the first rehearsal. Cee-Lo wants Mackenzie to give up having his guitar during this performance, leaving him uncomfortable. Emily is also uncomfortable, but because of the song choice.
After a shaky performance, full of nerves, it’s time for Cee-Lo to choose.
Mackenzie wins!

The teams are beginning to take shape. Tune in Monday for more battles!



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