'The Voice' Recap: Battle Rounds, Episode 1

By Chelsea Lewis ,

After an intense and exciting blind audition process for the hit reality singing competition, The Voice, the competition has moved into the battle rounds. In the battle rounds, members of the same team will duet for their lives. Two team members of the same coach will sing the same song, simultaneously, setting the stage for an ultimate sing off.

This season of The Voice included a twist: After the battle round has been decided, the coaches have the option to save the vocalist who did not win and steal the vocalist. If two judges both hit the button to steal the artist, the artist can then pick what team to join. The judges are given two steals for the battle rounds to use when they see talent.

First up in the battle round was Team Blake. Shelton brought Michael Buble to help mentor his team. Taking the first stage for Team Blake was Terry McDermott and Casey Muessigmann. McDermott and Muessigmann sang “Carry On My Wayward Son,” by Kansas. Aguilera said that both vocalists brought the battle and both showed their vocal power. Shelton added that Muessigmann had a strong voice and great energy. In regards to McDermott, Shelton said that he could relate to country artists more. In the end, Shelton decided that McDermott would stay on Team Blake.

Next up was Team Adam. Bryan Keith faced off against Collin McLoughlin. Levine brought in Mary J. Blige to help mentor his team members. McLoughlin and Keith sang “Santeria,” by Sublime. Shelton thought that the battle was a lot of fun and that both artists have different types of voices that come together well. Shelton said that he would go with McLoughlin. Aguilera said that Keith had more swag on the song and that she would go with Keith. Green said that both artists have great vibes but he would go with Keith. Levine had the final decision and chose Keith to stay on Team Adam.

Halfway through McLoughlin’s goodbye speech to his coach Levine, two steal buttons had been pushed by both Shelton and Green for McLoughlin. McLoughlin was given the option to pick which team he wishes to join. McLoughlin joined Team Blake.

Diego Val and JR Aquino took the battle round stage next for Team Cee Lo. Green brought along Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox Twenty, to help mentor his team members. Aquino and Val faced off to the song, “Jessie’s Girl.” Levine said that both artists really brought the battle and that Val really surprised him. Shelton said that both vocalists are very good pop singers. Shelton would pick Aquino to win this battle. Aguilera said that Aquino was strong with his vocal tone and that Val really owned the stage. Green said that both artists did an excellent job but in the end he chose to keep Val to stay a member of Team Cee Lo.

Team Christina took the battle round stage next. Aguilera brought Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong to help mentor her team. De’Borah faced off against Nelly’s Echo. De’Borah and Echo sang, “Message in a Bottle,” by the Police. Green said that Echo had a great voice but De’Borah put a lot of soul into the record and she was the clear winner of this battle. Levine said that Echo struggled a little with the high notes and he was proud that De’Borah came out victorious against her personal struggles. Shelton said that De’Borah really ramped up her performance as the performance went on. Aguilera chose De’Borah to stay on Team Christina.

Team Blake took the stage for the final time tonight. 2Steel Girls faced off with Gracia Harrison. “Sin Wagon,” by The Dixie Chicks, inspired both teams to bring on a full on country battle. Aguilera said that she really enjoyed the performance overall, but that Harrison had a little bit more playfulness with her performance. Green said that the performance was evenly matched and that he would pick 2Steel Girls. Levine added that everyone had a very powerful vocal performance. In the end, Shelton chose Harrison to win the battle and stay on Team Blake.

Next up was Team Cee Lo, in which two soul singers went head to head. Amanda Brown went up against Trevin Hunte. Hunte and Brown faced off by singing “Vision of Love,” by Mariah Carey. The end of the performance brought all judges to their feet, including Levine who stood on his chair. Levine said that whomever Green didn’t pick, Levine was going to steal, calling the performance crazy and saying they are the reason the judges do the show. Shelton said that he was attracted to both vocalists even calling Hunte sexy. Aguilera said that it was the best performance in the battle round so far. Green picked Hunte.

All three judges hit their buttons to steal Brown to join their teams. It was now up to Brown to choose which team she wanted to join. Shelton wanted Brown on his team because he wants to win this competition. Aguilera said that the talent that Brown had and she wanted to develop her into the full superstar that the world needs to see blew her away. Levine said that he holds a few female singers in high regard and that he would add Brown to that list. In the end, Brown joined Team Adam.

The battle rounds continue on NBC tomorrow night.



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