Warner Bros. releases second ‘Gangster Squad’ trailer after edits (Video)

By Luis Vargas,
They cut the theater-shooting scene out of the film

Warner Bros. released the second full-length trailer to Gangster Squad yesterday, but fans may notice a memorable part missing from the trailer. Back in July, during the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. reacted to the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado by making some changes to Gangster Squad.

Collider reported that the studio pulled the first trailer from theaters because it featured a clip where men shoot into the crowds at a screening of a film. The studio took it a step further and decided to cut that scene out of the film altogether.

As a result the studio had to re-shoot some scenes and the release of the film was pushed back from September 7 to January 11, 2013.

You can no longer watch the brief clip in the first trailer of the theater shooting because the studios took it down. However, the second trailer does not seem to lack any violence as it features Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling gun down whoever comes their way. Watch the trailer below.

The film is set in Los Angeles 1949 where Brooklyn-raised kingpin Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) is running all the dope, guns and prostitutes in the west. This causes the sergeant (Josh Brolin) to come up with the “Gangster Squad,” a team that features Anthony Mackie, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pena and others that stand up to Cohen.



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