This Week In Facebook - Facebook raises breast cancer awareness

By Meghan Giannotta,

With October being breast cancer awareness month, it’s common to see people representing a little pink ribbon wherever they go. From fundraisers, to donations, to cancer walks, there are tons of ways in which people show their support for those battling breast cancer, including through using your Facebook. The social network has been filled with supporters throughout the month using the site's sharing capabilities to up the cancer awareness.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook page has been promoting numerous posts throughout the month that have been gaining many shares. From fundraising websites, to promotional adds, this page as well as many others supporting the fight have found a way to inform millions of the disease without much effort.

According to Web Pro News, the Touch Yourself ad campaign, created by Women’s Health and F*ck Cancer, have made an app that corresponds to Facebook to help make cancer awareness go viral. Once the app is downloaded, users take the pledge to touch themselves in order to raise awareness of self-screening. After taking the pledge, app users are then able to share a “postcard” with their Facebook friends to help get others involved in self-screening.

The easy connection between Facebook and other sites that can be made by users has also increased the amount of online donations being made. Instead of being asked to donate at an inconvenient time and place, many users have connected with CrowdRise, an online way to raise money for the cause of your choice. Friends can choose to donate at their own convenience, showing their support for breast cancer awareness in every way that they can.

Facebook users have helped the social network go pink this October, raising awareness for the many ways that support can be shown.



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