This Week In Facebook - New "Promote" feature allows users to pay for views

By Meghan Giannotta,

Most of Facebook’s users use the social network site to communicate with friends and family. Facebook has made it easy for us to share news about our lives through posts, pictures, and comments. But what if just your friends and family members seeing your posts on Facebook wasn’t enough? Facebook has recently discussed trying out a new feature that will allow users to pay for their posts to be seen.

CNN reported that on Wednesday, Facebook released its experimental “Promote” feature to allow users to promote their posts to the top of the news feeds most seen posts. The catch, however, is a fee of around seven dollars.

Facebook announced on their blog page that US users will be able to use the “Promote” feature to make sure all of their friends see their posts. Next to the “like” and “share” buttons beneath a picture, there would be a “promote” button where the user can pay a fee to push their posts up to the top.

Facebook explains that a promote type feature has already been available for businesses to access and is now being experimented on personal users' posts.

The future of the “Promote” button is now unknown, as an unannounced number of US users already are being given access to experiment with the new feature. However, it can be predicted that the majority of Facebook users will opt to keep their hands out of their wallets while sharing posts.

"I can't imagine why I would pay to promote my personal posts, most of which are about my cats or some… pop punk band no one cares about," one Facebook user wrote in response to the new feature, reported by CNN.

The promoted post feature, however, can deem itself useful if it is able to find a way to promote posts based on users interests. The founder of tech startup Amicus, Seth Bannon, explained to CNN that he would be intrigued to use the promote posts feature if he is still seeing “relevant and interesting posts” that he cares about on the top of his news feed.

Would you pay seven dollars to promote your posts?



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