'Won't Back Down' sets record for worst opening

By Jon Hall,
Film has worst opener since 2008's 'The Rocker'

Despite boasting cast members such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, Fox Studio's Won't Back Down set the record for worst opening weekend with a measly $2.6 million.

According to the Huffington Post, the film set the record for the worst opening weekend showing at over 2,500 screens. The previous record was Rainn Wilson's 2008 movie, The Rocker. Other notables include " Drew Barrymore's 2007 movie Lucky You and Jennifer Aniston's Rumor Has It.

The film, which also starred Oscar winner Holly Hunter was doomed because of its marketing, according to Box Office analyst Jeff Bock.

"Here's a little 'Teacher Drama' 101 for you -- without a cast of young urban students and a hit R&B song backing you, you might as well be making a movie for the Hallmark Channel," he said.

The film focuses on the education system. According to the Washington Post, the subject is not a reason the film failed, however the portrayal was. With blame falling on lax teachers and corrupt teacher unions, the film failed to provide a true solution.

How long will Won't Back Down have the record for this shameful deed? While the previous record holder held its spot for four years, this film's poor performance looks to stand for longer. Insert title pun here.



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