Zac Efron tastes weird food

By Danielle Costa,
On a recent trip to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' the star shared his taste for interesting cusine!

Zac Efron is an adventurous actor and a handsome one at that. Recently he took a trip to the Philippines and did some crazy things like head to the top of an active volcano and ride up the lava trails.

While promoting his new movie, The Paperboy, Zac visited late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his adventures.

Celebrity-Gossip.net reports that while on the show, Zac decided to unveil his new and interesting eating habits.

While on his trip, the 24-year-old star tried a Philippines delicacy of a duck fetus. The star had a friend film the experience and he shared the home movie with the entire audience.

Zac said, “We found that the best way to really explore the culture is to actually taste all the food.”

ABC 10 News says that the interesting cusine is called “balut,” which is duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell.

Zac quite liked the weird dish as he told Kimmel, “It wasn’t that bad. I ate, like, three more that day.”

Check out the High School Musical star try the food around the 2:52 mark!



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