‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Candy Manwich’

By May Chan,
Caroline suffers from embarrassment in front of a guy.

As Caroline and Max work the usual shift at the diner, they observe a pair of friends having a jolly good time—kicking back cocktails and laughing hysterically and annoyingly, so annoyingly that Caroline feels jealous. She used to be that girl, the one who had a few drinks with some girlfriends without a care in the world, but that was before her father landed in the slammer.

Meanwhile, Sophie walks into the busy diner and heads to her usual booth. Han lets Sophie know that grabbing a booth is not OK when many guests are waiting.

Sophie hilariously tells Han, “Go stand in the corner now!” and threatens she would spank him like a child. The submissive Han stands back, as Sophie gets her way.

Elsewhere, Max takes Caroline to a place to eat, but Caroline expects it to be a fancy restaurant. Caroline even assumes that the name, “Soup Kitchen,” is a cute name for a place before realizing that it really is a soup kitchen. When Max persuades Caroline to dine on sloppy joes, Caroline is a believer in the soup kitchen experience.

When a cute guy enters the soup kitchen, Caroline and Max immediately take a liking to him and inquire the nuns working at the kitchen about him.

The nuns tell the girls the guy works at the candy shop across from the kitchen. This prompts Max to be in love with the idea that this guy works at a candy shop, but Caroline is really the one who’s smitten with him.

After the girls enter the candy shop, Andy introduces himself to the girls, but as swoon-worthy as Andy seems, that’s overshadowed by Caroline’s “gag reflex,” which Max so crudely says.

However, Andy isn’t detracted by Caroline’s vomiting, as he visits the girls at the diner and invites them to a party at his candy shop.

Caroline, of course, avoids Andy after the embarrassment and refuses to go to the party, despite Max trying to convince her to go because Andy had promised her unlimited candy.

Max ends up going to the party alone, but Max and Andy decide to surprise Caroline after the party at the girls’ apartment only to discover that Caroline was, ahem, preoccupied with herself with the showerhead. How mortifying!

Despite all that, Andy still wants to see Caroline and sways her with a romantic, silly gesture at the diner. And Max is obviously giddy over the romance because of the unlimited candy.

Fans of Caroline and Max? Tune in to 2 Broke Girls every Monday at 9 p.m. on CBS.



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