‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Three Boys With Wood’

By May Chan,
Max and Caroline welcome Amish boys to New York.

As Max and Caroline discuss what they’re going to do with their horse, Chestnut, during the winter, hope comes walking in in the form of two Amish teenage boys.

The girls have the boys, Jebediah and Jacob, build a barn for Chestnut, and in return, the boys reside with Max and Caroline for a while.

When the boys meet Sophie in her usual attire, they’re overwhelmed to say the least.

Meanwhile, Caroline is getting ready to go on another date with Andy, the owner of the candy shop.

On an earlier date, Caroline had gone out with Andy with a lack of success, prompting Caroline to think Andy’s gay. Little does Caroline know that Max revealed to Andy that Caroline is a Channing.

Since then, Andy had been turned off by Caroline, and it’s definitely apparent at the bar when Caroline desperately tries to win over Andy. Caroline even calls Max to the rescue.

As much as Max doesn’t want to pry her eyes from the wet, shirtless Amish boys building a barn for Chestnut, she brings the boys with her to the bar.

Max talks to Andy at the bar and finds out that Andy doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for Caroline. Andy deems her a “refined” princess.

When Max relays this information to Caroline, Caroline ups her game on the dance floor with Jacob, dancing up a storm, only to cause a comical erection mishap for the poor boy.

Just when Caroline thinks it’s hopeless with Andy, she receives vague Emoji (emoticons) from Andy before Andy surprises her with a happily-ever-ending kiss.

At the end, Max is discovered by the black and white cat she and Chestnut despise. Who wins this round between Max and feline? Let’s just say Max won’t be a cat lover any time soon.

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