2011 'X Factor' winners Little Mix not allowed to talk to Rihanna on set

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

It seems that although Rihanna has free reign to post topless photos of herself on Twitter - her management team has her under lock and key when it comes to her outings on such shows as judging contestants on The X Factor.

Entertainment Wise reports that 2011 girl-band Little Mix, X Factor winners, were not allowed to talk to Rihanna when she guest appeared on the show.

Jesy Nelson tells We Love Pop magazine, “We were on 'The X Factor' with Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was amazing, but we didn't get to speak to Rihanna.”

Leigh-Anne continues, “Her management wouldn't let anybody meet her, but she walked past me and said, 'Your hair is awesome!' This was when I had my head half shaved, which I hated, so it cheered me up.”

Outside of her mum-guest starring, Rihanna has posted several questionable photos via Twitter including a shirtless Chris Brown in bed, a topless photo of herself and more recently, a picture of herself in lingerie smoking a cigarette.

Image: Twitter



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