'21 & Over' movie starring Jon Lucas and Scott Moore trailer just released (Video)

By Stephanie Marcell,

Everyone remembers their twenty-first birthday or maybe they don’t. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are at it again in their upcoming movie 21 & Over. The trailer for the new film was just released Monday.

The Hangover>/i> stars are taking fans on a wild ride as the movie is centered on the milestone birthday. Cinema Blend reports that the movie is about some college guys celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday party and the night goes outrageously wrong.

Two of the characters peer pressure the more introvert friend to cut loose and party for his 21st birthday. This includes a mix of tons of booze, sexy coeds and unlikely scenarios.

The movie stars Twilight star Justin Chon as the reserved birthday boy. His manipulative friends are played by Skylar Astin of Pitch Perfect and Miles Teller of Footloose. The characters take viewers on a wild ride as the night plays out.

The trailer for the new movie was just recently released in anticipation for its March 2013 release date. Miles Teller tweeted his excitement about its release, “21 & Over trailer is here !!!!”



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