50 Cent opens up about life in the business

By Jon Hall,

Rapper/actor/businessman 50 Cent rose up from the streets to be one of the wealthiest rappers in history. In addition to 11 movie roles and 30 million rap album sales, the 37-year-old recently sold his stock in Vitamin Water, making $60 million from the exchange.

During an interview with Details, 50 Cent discussed his motivations, his ambitions, and his new plans.

"When I see somebody with a sign, I don't give 'em anything. I don't give a f***. You stand out there waiting for someone to put something in your cup? S***, I'd be on a chain gang before I'd be standing there like that."

50 Cent's attitude has always been full frontal, unashamed. However his work hard or die attitude has yielded him massive success.

"Our society builds entertainers to destroy entertainers for the sake of entertainment. There's significance in someone who can develop a new approach that allows them to stay successful."

This successful business attitude reached a new peak back in 2010. As the Huffington Post reported, began shoveling snow after a blizzard hit. He tweeted his progress along the way.

"I'm going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today. I'm charging more if they want to take pictures," he tweeted."I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody ill make a grand moving snow today. Lol."

Perhaps the best culmination of his solo success attitude came when Details asked him about working with Ja Rule and Rick Ross.

"You don't know how to have an interview without bringing another artist's name into the conversation? I don't give a f*** about those people."



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