'90210' recap: Abs and Stripper Poles

By Zoe Shapiro,

Stripper poles and Ryan Lochte’s abs, can we ask for anything more from 90210?

Picking up from last time started, Naomi is torn on when and how she is going to tell Max about her kiss with his best friend. She is afraid to lose him and wants to find the perfect way to tell Max. So of course Naomi wants to plan the perfect vacation. Yet to her disbelief, Max wants to go camping. Naomi always gets her way somehow, though. Instead of hiking into the woods and putting up one’s own tent, Naomi finds a “camping” site that is fully equipped with chef, masseuse and full spa.

With the topic of Naomi and Max going on a camping trip, Liam decides that it is the perfect way to get away from his “crazy, paparazzi-filled life.” With Dixon still on crutches, and Naveed in toe, the three go out into the woods. Only leading to Liam getting lost in the woods, Naveed and Dixon fighting over Dixon wanting to deejay at their club opening, and Liam’s crazy co-star calling all the paparazzi about her lost co-star in the woods. Yet after Dixon zooms off in the only car at the site, Naveed finds his way to Naomi’s campsite, looking for civilization.

While this is all going on, Silver, Annie and Adrianna are experiencing a totally different weekend: that full of nude photos and stripper poles.

Last time, Silver went to a photographer to take nude photos of her body before she gets pregnant and has a double mastectomy. Though at the time she did not realize that she signed a release form so that the photographer can use the photos, and thus meaning putting them online. The photos being a “popular hit” have actually led to positive feedback towards Silver.

With Silver becoming more confident in her new skin, so is Adriana. Well she is forced to when she has to use a stripper pole in her next video. After learning how to use the pole, Adriana learns it is just a ploy from her one nightstand, Taylor, to pull her in. Which works perfectly, leading her to kiss him on video. Now with the video out there, it is only a matter of time before Dixon finds out.

Ooh and as for Ryan Lochte’s abs, Naomi and Max pass him with a girl on their way to trust exercises, which did not work since Max no longer trusts Naomi. Yet the show does get a good glimpse of Lochte’s oiled abs.

Tune in next week to watch more 90210.



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