'90210' recap: Escalation of Drama

By Zoe Shapiro,

This week’s episode of 90210 was all about the shattering of boundaries. All the drama that has been building up during this season has reached its peak, meaning that the winter finale is soon to come and the drama is about to explode.

The drama begins with a single sheet of white paper lying on the floor of Liam’s bar:

“Where is Vanessa?
I know what you did.
You can’t hide.”

Weeks ago, Vanessa fell over the railing of the balcony and was swept away by the ocean. Liam did not report her accident and her disappearance seemed to be final, well at least to Liam. Yet it seems as if she has made a reappearance. Will it be Vanessa herself once again blackmailing Liam? Or will it a new character be introduced into this story line.

Yet the drama is not over there for Liam. With the release of his sex tape in last week's episode, the paparazzi are going crazy. Liam can no longer go anywhere without being swarmed by cameras. On his way to take Silver to the fertility clinic, one photographer jumps in front of them saying, “Liam, you can’t hide.” Liam is scared and outraged by the paparazzi attacking Silver, invading his personal space, and using the same quote as the letter left for him. Without thinking, Liam pushes the paparazzi, shattering his camera. This leaves him to be arrested and thus his studio sends a bodyguard to help him. Yet is this bodyguard actually sent by the studio? Though she seems normal through her interactions with Liam, flags fly when she goes to Liam’s face tattooed on her shoulder.

While Liam’s life is falling apart, Dixon is ready to propose to Adriana. After inquiring about an engagement ring, Ad finds out and beings to panic, confessing to Silver that she had an affair. After her performance at the Hollywood Ball, Ad is ready to tell Dixon, when he gives her earrings instead of a ring. Yet the secret is out. Silver knows and Ad feels guilty. But with Ad now signing for Dixon’s record label, what will she do?

Adriana and Liam seem to the in deep waters after this episode. Their story lines make it clear that the winter finale is approaching. All that is needed now is Silver to get pregnant; everyone to find out she has been stripping and for Naomi and Max to reach a big hurtle in their relationship.



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