AC/DC finally joins iTunes

By Daniel S Levine,

AC/DC fans haven’t been able to buy hits like “Highway To Hell” or “Back in Black” on iTunes until now. The band said Monday that they will release all of their 16 studio albums, live albums and compilations on the online music store after years of opposing it.

Like other bands, the group had not wanted listeners to be able to buy individual songs, believing that it would ruin the experience of listening to their albums, notes BBC. In fact, when they released Black Ice in 2008, singer Brian Johnson told Reuters, “This iTunes, God bless 'em, it's going to kill music if they're not careful.”

“It just worries me,” Johnson added. “And I'm sure they're just doing it all in the interest of making as much... cash as possible. Let's put it this way, it's certainly not for the... love.”

Even after the Beatles’ music was finally put on iTunes, the band stood firm, notes The Guardian. “I know the Beatles have changed but we're going to carry on like that,” guitarist Angus Young said in May 2011. “For us it's the best way. We are a band who started off with albums and that's how we've always been. We always were a band that if you heard something on the radio, well, that's only three minutes. Usually the best tracks were on the albums.”

Their albums have sold a combined 150 million worldwide and that number is likely to climb now that they are available on iTunes.

Their label, Columbia Records, did not say why the band had a change of heart, but noted that their music has been remastered for their iTunes release, “ensuring the music is delivered to listeners with increased audio fidelity, more closely replicating what the artists, recording engineers and producers intended.”

This week, their latest live album, Live from River Plate, will be released.



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