Alec Baldwin attacks the New York Post on Twitter

By Matthew Dougherty,

I do not recommend making 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin angry as he will rant about you in a ten part Twitter message.

The actor took to his Twitter account this morning after The New York Post posted a column by Andrea Peyser that tore apart Baldwin on the matter of his recent stalker incident.

"A bloviating psycho who seduces small women and bashes puny photographers,” were her exact words against the star.

Baldwin’s tweets began with claiming that the Post has an agenda.

Part five of the ten part rant was the most shocking. “Everyone who breathes air knows the Post is the worst newspaper in human history,” Baldwin said.

The actor has since deleted all of his tweets but one, which read, “most women I know insist that women enjoy equal rights and inherit equal responsibilities in all things.”

Luckily The Hollywood Reporter has your back and has all of the tweets so you can absorb the latest portion of this long running rivalry.



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