Alec Baldwin goes on epic Twitter rant against New York Post for pro-stalker column

By Daniel S Levine,

Alec Baldwin is known for his run-ins with the New York media, especially with the New York Post, which he has criticized a number of times. He has taken aim at the paper again, after it published a story in support of his alleged stalker.

Genevieve Sabourin, the woman who was arrested in April for allegedly stalking the 30 Rock star, was arrested again earlier this week for violating a protective order when she tweeted to Hilaria Thomas, Baldwin’s wife. She was later released, but the Post published a column in Sabourin’s support, telling Baldwin that he should just drop the charges. The column was written by Andrea Peyser, who was criticized by Baldwin in April for a column that bashed Thomas and went into detail on Sabourin’s claims.

That prompted Baldwin to tweet that “Everyone who breathes air knows the Post is the worst newspaper in human history,” reports The Hollywood Reporter. He continued, “But shame on them for politicizing a criminal case ... and shame on the morally bankrupt partisan trash Andrea Peyser, who demeans all women by inferring that a charge of criminal harassment is overkill when the defendant is a woman. The 'lovesick' defense.”

Baldwin then told Peyser that he can’t just drop the charges, since he has no control over that. “when some1 is arrested + brought up on charges, the DA's office functions as a state agency, and does not respond, like a concierge,” he explained. “the New York Post would have you believe that certain people have the ability to direct the DA to do their private bidding.”

Just one of Baldwin’s tweets is still on his page. “most women I know insist that women enjoy equal rights and inherit equal responsibilities in all things,” it reads.

Here are the tweets, which THR saved:

image: NBC



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