'Up All Night' season 2, episode 8: 'The Game of Life'

By Christina Colavecchiaa,

The Brinkley family is over at the Mardins (yes, it's with a 'd') and Gene and Terri invite the gang to their mountain cabin for the "Funlympics" (sack races, jellybean guessing - "just like the real Olympics, except there are no losers").

Chris (Will Arnett) attempts to get out of it, telling the Mardins he has a meeting but Reagan (Christina Applegate) likes the idea, calling it a "free vacation" and a chance to get some fresh air. Chris tells Reagan that "It's going to be weird, not fun, and possibly one of us won't make it home" but he caves , and Reagan, Chris, Scott (Luka Jones) and Amy head to the mountains.

When the group arrives at the cabin Reagan can't help but worry about Ava (Maya Rudolph), who has posted a photo on Instagram of her feet up by the pool on her trip to Palm Springs. Chris doesn't see the problem but Reagan claims that the "feet up by the pool pic is the loneliest pic in the world." Reagan leaves Chris at the cabin (against his will) as she goes to make sure Ava is not on one of her sad, solo vacays.

Reagan gets to the pool in Palm Springs and finds Ava lying by the pool by herself. Reagan rushes over, telling Ava she's here to save her, but Ava explains that she's perfectly fine (she's on her second frozen drink and her waiter, Teddy, has been feeding her buffalo wings so she doesn't smudge her Kindle). Ava then introduces Reagan to her new yoga friends, who have made the trip with her. Reagan is referred to as Ava's "mom friend" and, instead of heading back to the cabin to save an angry Chris from the Mardins, Reagan chugs Ava's frozen drink, buys a hideous Mrs.-Roper-type dress from the gift shop, and hunkers down for a night of partying with Ava and her friends.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Scott tweaks his back chopping wood and takes six expired muscle relaxers so Chris is forced to play board games with the Mardins alone. Chris finds out that Gene's job is representing musicians - the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, the Foo Fighters - and, when Chris gets excited at the fact that Gene is good friends with the bands, Terri hysterically locks herself in the bathroom because Gene brought his 58-year-old secretary (who once appeared in a ZZ Top music video) to the concert instead of her. Chris' excitement opened up a can of worms for Terri who is worried Gene will leave her.

Back in Palm Springs, Reagan attempts to stifle her yawning as Ava and her friends drink and dance at the hotel's club. In an attempt to fit in and show the girls that she is cool and hip, Reagan downs energy drink after energy drink and dances like a "maniac" until the bar closes. Ava and her yoga instructor try to give Reagan some water so she will calm down and Reagan yells at Ava that she's going back to "mom mountain," puts on her mom-visor, gets in her mini-van and heads back to the cabin.

Chris tells Terri and Gene that when he and Reagan first met, he was intimidated by a guy she had recently dated. Chris tells Terry and Gene, though, that no matter what that other guy had, he didn't have the one thing Chris had: Reagan. Terri and Gene make up and group hug an awkward looking Chris.

The next morning the Funlympics start and Chris tells Reagan to just enjoy it. Reagan joins in and yells to Chris, "Hunnie! I'm carrying an egg on a spoon and I'm wearing a visor and I don't care!" A happy Reagan joins the "biggest smile" competition and is on the verge of winning (Gene measures everyones smile with a measuring tape) when Ava shows up to "save" Reagan from the cult that is the Mardin family. Reagan tells Ava that she's happy at the cabin and happy in her role as "mom" and, as the two make up, Ava whips out a bottle of vodka and Chris, Reagan and Scott are thankful for the fact that the Funlympics are no longer dry!

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