Up All Night's 10 greatest guest stars

By Christina Colavecchia,

10. Will Sasso

The Three Stooges star is set to appear on Up All Night as Paul, a divorced friend of Reagan’s brother Scott (Luka Jones). Sasso’s character is invited to the Brinkley family’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Sasso’s appearance on the NBC sitcom marks the third time a member of the Three Stooges movie has made an appearance on the show – Sean Hayes (a member of this top 10 list) played Larry in the film and Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) friend and former musical accompanist in the show. Chris Diamantopoulos, the stooge Moe, appeared in a number of episodes as Julian. Sasso’s character is set to appear on the November 15 episode.

9. Stevie Nicks

The Fleetwood Mac front woman appeared in the season one episode, “Letting Go” as a ‘baby whisperer’ who Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Ava want on their show. Nicks, who plays herself in the sitcom, has the ability to hush babies and dogs with the lift of a finger.

8. Sharon Osboure

Osbourne, the America’s Got Talent judge and daytime talker, appeared as herself and as Ava’s on-the-lot nemesis on the show. Osbourne appears in the season one episode with another guest star, Henry Winkler, who plays Ava’s dad. Ava is desperate for her father’s approval and bumping into Osbourne while he is in town add even more problems that catch Ava off guard.

7. Ron Huebel

As Chris’ (Will Arnett) college roommate, Huebel’s character does all he can to annoy Chris during his stint as recurring character, Jerry. When Chris reluctantly accepts an invitation to Jerry’s party, he drags Ava along as a buffer. Chris’ worst nightmare comes true when Ava is wooed by Jerry’s rants about whatever fad-of-the-moment he’s into and the two begin dating. Huebel has appeared in The Office, Modern Family and Human Giant.

6. Tony Hale

As Dr. Welborn, Reagan's very flirtatious dentist, Up All Night planned an
Arrested Development
reunion in which Hale and Arnett, brothers on Development, costarred together on the NBC comedy. Hale plays the hilarious Buster Bluth, opposite Arnett's Gob Bluth in Developmentt, and the duo are slated to reprise their Bluth brother roles in the show that will return exclusively to Netflix soon.

5. Henry Winkler

"The Fonz" himself steps in to play Ava's dad, Robert Alexander, in the show's first season. Winkler's character is a children's book author who is adored by a generation of fans. Ava is forced to compete with these fans for her father's attention and it becomes evident how self-involved and attention-greedy Ava really is.

4. Marion Ross

The Happy Days star dropped the 'nurturing mom' vibe she is best known for in lieu of the ball-busting "Gammy" on Up All Night's season one finale. Ross plays Chris' grandmother who Reagan is forced to turn to when she loses her engagement ring, a family heirloom. Although Reagan's only option is to turn to Gammy for help, Gammy is not the most willing aid.

3. Molly Shannon

The Saturday Night Live veteran reprised her role as Nancy, Reagan's not-so-helpful assistant, a number of times in the show's freshman season. In her last appearance, Shannon's Nancy was asked by Reagan to baby-sit her daughter Amy, a "ridiculous role" for Nancy, Shannon explains. "It's a whole different level of Nancy," Shannon laughs. "I'm actually in [Chris and Reagan's] house taking care of Amy. I've been hired as a nanny, which is ridiculous."

2. Rachel Dracht

Rudolph and Dracht are reunited on the set of Up All Night after co-starring for 11 years on Lorne Michael's Saturday Night Live. Dracht plays Linda, an employee at Valley Copies and die-hard fan of Ava's. Linda is overjoyed when Ava gives her some Ava Show memorabilia and the two SNL veterans prove that their chemistry on set is still as powerful as ever.

1. Sean Hayes

Perhaps the funniest guest star on Up All Night, Sean Hayes plays Ava's former accompanist, Walter. Walter was fired by Ava on her way to the top and, when Ava and Reagan bump into him at a child's birthday party in the park, they learn that life has not been to kind to Walter since his days with Ava. Hayes reprises his role several times during the show's second season and each time proves funnier than the last.

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