'Amazing Race' 21 Recap: "We Was Robbed"

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams continue trying to survive Moscow

As last week's leg continued, James and Abba tried searching for their missing bags and passports. Josh and Brent, who had trouble at the synchronized swimming Detour, were unable to properly complete the task, therefore accruing a four-hour penalty in addition to their time deficit. Abbie and Ryan stayed with them, but were automatically safe to continue to another leg because they did complete the Detour.

Abbie and Ryan were checked in to the finish line officially as team number four, and Josh and Brent were checked in as team number five, with their four-hour penalty taking effect at the start of the next leg.

James and Abba were not eliminated for their official last place finish because it was a non-elimination leg, however, they still cannot continue until their passports are found. Should they find them, they can continue, but will encounter the Speed Bump.

On this next leg, for the "In the Zone" Road Block, teams must calculate the time of day in five Russian cities, divided by the nine time zones in Russia, as the map featuring them quickly flashes on the screen. After 12 tests, Trey and Lexi and James and Jaymes were allowed to continue on to the Detour.

In "Movers," teams had to learn and perform a Russian Soldier Dance. In "Shakers," teams had to identify seven historic Russian leaders at a cocktail party and find a specific number of look-alikes for each leader. Both Trey and Lexi and James and Jaymes chose "Movers." After Trey and Lexi's taxi driver left, James and Jaymes did not leave the Road Block location until after a new taxi arrived for their competitors, showing true sportsmanship.

Natalie and Nadiya used their Express Pass to skip the Road Block, and also headed towards "Movers" for the detour. Despite severe ankle pain from an old sprain, James and Jaymes got through the Detour quickly, and made their way to the Pit Stop, followed closely behind by Trey and Lexi. In a foot race, James and Jaymes checked in first, for their first victory, winning a trip for two to Costa Rica. Trey and Lexi checked in not too far behind. Natalie and Nadiya checked in third a little after they did.

Ryan struggled at the Road Block, taking 25 tests before he got it right. The two then proceeded to "Movers." Brent got through the Road Block very quickly, taking only one test before they moved on to "Shakers," where they also got through very quickly. Abbie and Ryan checked in fourth, with Josh and Brent checking in fifth.

After failing to resolve their passport issue upon completion of their tasks for this leg, James and Abba were officially eliminated from the race.

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